The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes – Warsaw

There is a curiousity when stepping into Warsaw for the first time and one might want to know about the planning, construction, and rebuilding of this complicated city. Warsaw was sacked and rebuilt so many times that it is amazing that it stands – and now thrives – today. Its very existence is testament to the will and fortitude of the Polish people.

As a City Planner in NYC, Thaddeus was interested to speak with some folks at the City Planning office of Warsaw located in the Palace of Culture. They got an appointment and met with a gentleman at Warsaw city planning who was passionate about Warsaw’s design and who, in turn, also had a few questions about NYC. Together with my father, a fellow architect, they had a fascinating in-depth conversation.

City Planners meet City Planners

On another note, I wanted to share Thad’s sketch of the Royal Castle Square from earlier this week:

Thad’s sketch of Royal Castle Square


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  1. I can’t wait to hear about Thad’s convo, and the challenges Warsaw faces today in city planning.

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