Warsaw Wanderings, Sketchings, and Musings


sketching in Royal Square


yellow art

elegant pierogies

most beautiful salad

opera house



famous cafe

Thad’s sketch 3


why put cement shutters on glass buildings?

Thad univ.

Poland’s Royal thrown in Royal Castle



sketch of Chopin

walking in Warsaw

Dinner at White Goose Restaurant

Poster Musuem

Chopin’s quick scribbles of brilliance



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2 responses to “Warsaw Wanderings, Sketchings, and Musings

  1. BIGdaddy

    Sketching stealing the show. The journey now taking on a life of its own as a family adventure in the city and its Art. More in depth videos please.

  2. Ditto that. Love videos. Hey, have you been to the Chopin Park yet? I ask cuz like that’s the only thing I remember about Warsaw… seriously, that’s all I got. That and the Chopin museum(s).

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