The Life and Loves of Frederic Chopin (and other fun things)

Warsaw has hidden gems of architectural interest throughout the city. We wanted to show Thad the University’s library today as it is quite a model of a green building.

Exterior of Green Building at University

Thad walking grounds of Univ

Walking to the Green Roof

La Mamma del Cielo

What does our urban planner think of this particular building?

Enough of that, we move on to visit the Frederic Chopin Museum.

Born in Warsaw and having spent most of his composing life in Paris, Chopin’s heart never strayed far from his roots.  His first piano teacher was his sister. He starting performing at the age of 8 and attended the music conservatory in Warsaw. Her wrote concertos and perfected the art of the ballad. Both a composer and a pianist, he earned the respect of many literary and musical artists.

Even through Warsaw’s uprising and beyond, he remained true to his country.  He fell in love with George Sand (a female writer in Paris) and he composed some of his greatest sonatas there.  We learned much about his life and passion and how it paralelled what was going on in his native Warsaw at the time of his life.

Emilia in front of Chopin Museum

Entering Museum

Musical Twister in Chopin Museum

Quotes from Chopin and his philosophy on composing

Chopin’s sister, Emilia

At the time of Chopin in Poland…

Musical room

Looking at map of Warsaw during life of Chopin

Mom in front of Franz Liszt piano

Why travel to Poland?  (for Uncle Blair!)

New Stadium that was built for World Cup

Thad as Copernicus

Back in the land of…

La Mamma in Royal Castle Square

Sunny day

I didn’t drink this.

Welcoming words from Pope John Paul II


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One response to “The Life and Loves of Frederic Chopin (and other fun things)

  1. Jimbo

    Jimbo enjoyed Roso’s pitch on why one should visit Poland … however, we feel that Thad looks more like Galileo than Copernicus …

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