All together in Warsaw


The Scene:  Warsaw

The Players:

A long-time Poland afficionado, my dad, armed with vast knowledge of Polish history and culture.

His lovely wife and my side-kick in crime for shopping the streets of Warsaw – my mom.  She is also talented a seeking out great original art in new cities.

My brother, Thaddeus, a city planner and architect (like my dad and graduated from U Penn as well).  Works in NYC and with an incredible depth of knowledge of city planning all over the world.

And, your humble, Travels in Poland correpondent – me.

All with different view points and points of passion.  Take a look…

First a lesson in the Polish language:

What’s For Dinner?

Copernicus is in the Square

Thad’s thoughts on some of Warsaw’s squares (city planning)


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One response to “All together in Warsaw

  1. blair pawlowski

    Surprisingly good videos. Send more. When does Rosemary get a speaking role? Is she still auditioning?


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