Last Walk in Warsaw

For our last night we decided to leave the Old Town (Stare Miasto) and venture into new parts of Warsaw for a special farewell dinner.  This was followed by a walk of fountains, the tomb of the fallen soldiers – guarded 24 hours a day, an art gallery, and Teatr Wielki.

last evening in Warsaw



he loves to sketch wherever, whenever he can!

cherry vodka at end of meal = love


leaving art gallery

fountains on the walk

mom in front of fountain

Guarded tomb of fallen soliders of Poland

this is guarded 24 hours a day and columns surround it listing each war dating back to the 900s

My dad told us about each battle listed

Side view of the Guarded Tomb

Then we moved on to the opera house where exactly 10 years ago we saw La Traviata in the Emperor box seats – I will never forget it.

Teatr Wielki


mom in opera house

leaving the Old Square behind

Thank you for following us on our journey!  We have received such nice notes and insights from your reading this blog.

And thanks mom and dad for a great trip!

Happy Travels!

PS – if you care to follow my adventures in Naples, please see:



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2 responses to “Last Walk in Warsaw

  1. Uncle Jim


    Josette & I have taken great vicarious pleasure in joining you on your travels … See you in Naples!!!

    Josette & Uncle Jim

  2. Uncle Jim

    I loved all the pictures and comments. However two words stood out, “stroll” and “leisure” which are not well understood by your uncle!
    To him a “stroll” is a 15 minute mile, and “leisure” is 9 countries in 13 days!All this said, I am up to the challenge of broadening his view – there is great satisfaction in a slower pace.
    Looking forward to pictures from Italy. Take care. love, Josette

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