How Royally Bittersweet it is….our Last Day

this about says it!

Today we explored the opulent rooms of the Royal Castle of Warsaw.  Nearly totally destroyed in 1939, it was rebuilt on the basis of thee only surviving parts.  It was once the headquarters of the king and authorities of “Rzeczpospolita” – the Republic of Poland (since the 16th century.)  It is also where the Constitution of May 3rd (1791) – the first one in Europe and the second one in the world was adopted.

Today it is a musuem that houses room after room of the most gorgeous inlaid wood floors I have ever seen with opulent gold fixtures and exquisite furniture.  For the highlights, we revisit Bernardo Bellotto, called Canaletto here, for his verdute of 18th century Warsaw.  These paintings were invaluable during the post-war reconstruction of the city.

And today we had the special treat of seeing the Titian painting on loan from Palazzo Pitti in Florence.

Royal Castle Square

After our tour of the Royal Castle, we headed for something sweet.  Famous worldwide, E. Wedel has been making savory chocolates since 1851.   Made with milk and dark chocolate, the Poles have a knack for incorporating fruits like cherries, plums, and apricots and making it divine.

facade of E. Wedel, Warsaw

inside it looks like a cafe in Vienna

my mom smelling the roses at their outdoor cafe

We are off to our farwell dinner – another bittersweet event as we are sad to be leaving this marvelous city that we have enjoyed so much!


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