Two kinds of people in the world?

Vacation time makes you relax…think about the world, your surroundings, how others live, and how those before them survived.  So as I am enjoying mussel night in Warsaw (seriously, it’s on Thursday), I can’t help but think about the types of people in the world.

My mom loves mussels – it is her favorite dish.  I like them fine but I don’t like to get messy so my strategy is to schuck?/peel?/de-cant?  I don’t know what the word is – but essentially, get the mussel – all of them – out of the shell before consuming and thereby, create some sort of mussel soup.  Then I can wash my hands and enjoy.  On the other hand, my mom likes to leisurely enjoy each mussel, using her eccentric Italian hands to tell her stories, and dropping each shell one by one into a separate bowl over time.

We both savor our mussels – just in different means to the end.

mom with mussels

which brings me to the the Warsaw Uprising.  But I see it listed in the museum guide as Warsaw Rising Museum.  Does one person see the Warsaw Uprising as a singular event that marks a difficult period of time? Or sees it as an Uprising –  a continuous philosophy of progress for Warsaw and the nation, as a whole?

Or how about the half-moon that we saw in the sky tonight as we sauntered home….or was it a pierogi that hung in the black borscht bowl of atmosphere?

there is a pierogi in the sky

Contemplating the meaning of life in the piazza...oops, I mean square (rynek)

Either way, vacation has a way of nudging your mind to process life a little differently.  Or with a new perspective.  With a new appreciation.  And, in the end, isn’t that why we travel?   We are grateful as we process God’s amazing creations all in new ways.  Enjoy!


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