Around and About in Warsaw

Today we visited the University of Warsaw’s library – an architectural delight and sustainable green building.  The exterior is a fantastic green metal with famous writings, quotes, and music notes.  The ceiling is glass with a rooftop of greens while plants are also growing down the sides of the building in the interior.

The interior creates a calming effect

The Warsaw University’s library boasts a rooftop garden with views of the Vistula River and over 10.000 square meters of beautiful plants, lawns, ponds and even a waterfall.

Then we went to the Copernicus Science Museum and then we went to…okay, okay, most of the day my mom and I spent at the spa.  But my dad didn’t and instead he shared that he saw some other real architectural marvels!

Other stuff around town:

what a sweet, gentle and loving soul - revered all over Poland (and the world)

we stayed on this street 10 years ago - very quaint

love the Old Town!

this was a charming place

he loves to sketch...

what a wonderful sight springing out of a wall on the street

Castle Square

Castle Square with the new stadium lit in the background

new stadium

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog of Canaletto in Warsaw!


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One response to “Around and About in Warsaw

  1. anna

    good stuff, thank you for reminding us how inspiring city Warsaw is!

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