Anniversaries and Mermaids

Tonight I took my parents to an anniversary dinner (they celebrated 44 years together last month.)Then we took a walk in the Old Town (Stare Miasto).  The photos say it all!

The Happy Couple after 44 years

Happy to be here!

Interesting decor...for sure.

A Time to Celebrate!

Ode to Chantrelle Mushrooms

Viva l'amore!

The Old Square Warsaw- my favorite

My dad and I in the Old Square

this is my favorite square in Warsaw

Mom and I

We are standing in front of the Mermaid statue - story to come

I am not even sure how to explain this picture of my mom with a glass rooster full of sherry in front of a liquor store. All I can say is that: a.) she is a good sport and b.) Polish sherry isn't too bad

Okay, let’s go back to the mermaid statue.  Tonight we heard of the legend of how Warsaw came to be. Well, one of the legends…

The Warsaw Mermaid

Once upon a time lived two mermaids in the Baltic Sea. These half-fish, half-women were beautiful sisters who had spent their whole existence in the sea, before apparently getting bored of the life aquatic. One day they both decided to come ashore. The first sister headed up to the Danish straits, and so she sits at the entrance to the port of Copenhagen to this very day. The other sister swam first to the port of Gdansk, from where she decided to swim the river Vistula to its end. Fortunately for our story, the mermaid decided to rest on a sandy bank on the foot of what is today Warsaw’s Old Town and she loved it so much that she chose to stay.

Soon though, fishermen from the neighbouring village began to notice that someone was letting the fish out of their nets. Annoyed, they decided to capture the culprit and punish him. They didn’t expect to find the mermaid, however, and as soon as they heard her beautiful voice, they vowed never to harm her.  Soon, the mermaid would fill every evening with her gorgeous songs to the merriment of the villagers.

One day, a rich merchant was walking by the Vistula and spotted the mermaid. He had the bright idea, as merchants do, to capture her and show her off at a fair, making himself a fat profit in the process. He tricked her and threw her in a wooden shed, but her cries for help were so loud that soon a young (and undoubtedly handsome) fisherman’s son heard her, and with the help of friends set her free. The mermaid, grateful for his aid married the young man and  promised to defend them and their village, which would later grow into our beloved Warsaw.  The Fisherman’s name was Wars and the Mermaid’s name was Sawa.  (Hence, Warszawa – the name of Warsaw in Polish.)

Since then, the mermaid, armed with a sword and shield, has been protecting the city and its inhabitants.    She can be seen all over the city, from the statue in the Old Town pictured below, to the city’s coat of arms.

The Mermaid in all her Glory



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4 responses to “Anniversaries and Mermaids

  1. Chris Canning

    emily- loving the blog (sent via my dad). congrats to uncle ed and aunt rosemary!!! keep the posts a-comin’!!!

  2. Congrats to your lovely parents. Yes, the pictures say it all. Your Mum looks very young and beautiful. They both look so happy. And so do you. May you have many more celebrations like this.
    I loved the Mermaid Story. Thanks for including it..

  3. Wish I was there. Looks like so much fun. Great blogposts

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