Castle Square – Rockin on a Sunday

Alll in our Sunday best we headed for the 11:00 Mass at the Cathedral. Formal, beautiful.  Walked over to the Zigmund Square and hit the jackpot.  An enormous Festival which must have attracted a half million people.  Two stages of traditional performances, non-stop, the most amazing vareity of food, sausages, breads, cheeses, folk art – embroidery, pottery, woodworking, – sculptures, chic gloves, scarves, sweaters for sale.  We spent 2 hours just skimming the surface.

And eating all kinds of yummy food.  Back to the apartment to regroup, get comfortable, out again to the Festival.  On the approach we heard these exotic flutes.  Lo and behold!  The Peruvian musicians we loved to hear at the Westmoreland Arts Festival.   Only had 3 in the group, but they were intoxicating. The main guy started speaking Polish, and very well which leads one to believe there are some gigs in Poland for Peruvians.


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